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Dear customer service, 

I am using a LTE3302-M432 LTE Router, with a Faiba4g LTE Sim card. The connection to the internet is working when using a network wire but is not connected to the internet when using WIFI.

The mobile devices are connected to the LTE3302-M432 but don´t have access to the internet.
Also I´m getting the issue from time to time ip adress obtaining ip adress error.

What causes that issue?

I am using the latest firmware 20181005_Zyxel_LTE3302-M432_V1.00(ABKQ.1)C0 (1).bin

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  • ZyxelUserNr1
    Have the same issue... did you found a way to fix it?
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    Assume the Connection Control set as Connect-on-Demand and the default max idle time is 600 seconds , the connection will time out in the max idle time. Reverse , set as Auto-Reconnect the connection keep always on. You can check configuration on Management WAN page.
    (Go to GUI>Configuration>Network>WAN>Management WAN>Modify>3G/4G Information>Connection Control)

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