Bug - NAS540 / NAS542 Port Trunking - Transferrate status wrong

masterflai Posts: 19  Freshman Member
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If the ZyXEL NAS540 is connected via Port Trunking, the actual transfer rate is counted twice in the Status Center. In the example, a transfer is running from a QNAP NAS that is also connected via port trunking. There you can see that the current transfer rate is about 65 to 70MB/s. In the ZyXEL NAS, the double value appears. Obviously the actual transmission through port trunking is counted twice (about 126 to 140MB/s).


  • lodiabai
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    As I check on my router and the NAS, it seem the transmission through port trunking do not count twice. I'll check if it would happen from NAS to NAS 
  • masterflai
    masterflai Posts: 19  Freshman Member

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