NAS542 accessible though web GUI but not through Windows Explorer

Hello all, bit of a weird problem here.

I can access my NAS542 through web GUI and I can also upload/download files to it via GUI File Browser.

But, I can't access it through Windows Explorer. I navigate to Network, but NAS542 just... isn't there.
No matter how many times I tried, on various computers connected to my home network, nothing happens. All computers can connect to other computers shared folders, but none can access NAS542 or even see it visible under Network.

Also, Zyxel NAS Finder software can't find it at all.

This problem seems to have emerged after updating my NAS542 to the latest available fimware, since up untill recently I was able to have full access through Windows Explorer (under Network) from any computer on my home network.

All my computers run on Windows 7 (mixed Pro & Home versions) and no firewalls of any sort are in use.
NAS542 has a static IP, configured by my modem/router.

Thanks in advance.

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  • soul
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    Since you are able to access your NAS device via a web browser but can't access via File Explorer, that means your NAS device is is running HTTP service but can't run netbios service.

    You can download "nmap" utility to opened ports, and check if ports are open.

    When you download utility , you may type

    "nmap -v -sS [IP address of NAS]" to check opened ports.

  • domenicali
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    message for soul up here:  AND THEN? When I have scanned NAS address with nmap what do I do??!
  • okimarukas
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    After scanned, you are able to check which port is open and try to login the with http or https ports.

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