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edvhub01 Posts: 2  Freshman Member
Good evening,

I have a nas326 with the google drive (and dropbox) app installed. I mainly use the nas for coping and storing pictures from the cellphones of me and my wife and also for watching movies. But since the "zyxel drive" app is driving me mad (upload error allt the time...solution anyone?) I was wondering if the following setup is possible:

I would like my (and my wifes) cellphone to save a backup of our pictures and videos on google drive (dropbox might work as well) and when (about once a month) i start the nas i want the pictures to be stored in the nas. If possible i also want the pictures to be removed from google drive when they have been transfered to the nas.
Might not be possible at all but I figured i'd ask.

Thank you for your help!

Best redgards,

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  • Keroro
    Keroro Posts: 12  Freshman Member
    Need to put the NAS and your mobile under the same subnet, if your mobiles and NAS are not at the same subnet, you're not able to connecet to your Nas device.
  • edvhub01
    edvhub01 Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    Thank you for your reply. I can connevt and upload but i have to press "restart upload"/or what its called maybe 1 time every ten file/picture. So when uploading 100 or up to 1000 files it gets kind of annoying.
  • Fksahin
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    Hello; Zyxel drive is working on Android phone but not in IOS. When I start upload of photos it crashes and closes itselves. 
    How can I put the mobile and NAS in the same subnet?
  • okimarukas
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    Is there a wifi router in your location?
    You can connect to wifi using your mobile and put NAS under your wifi router, and they'll be in the same subnet.

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