Can I get data from RAID1 with Windows PC?


My ZYXEL NAS326 died. It does not show up with the NAS Starter Utility and I cannot communicate with it. 

Both of my Segate 4TB hard drives, however, are still good. I can connect them to a SATA drive reader and see all of the data, but the data is split among 2 drives.

Is it possible to recover RAID 1 data with a Windows PC?

I found this question:

Recovering data from RAID1 drive

But it is for running on a Ubuntu system. I am very illiterate when it comes to Linux systems.

I also found a ZYXEL Support Article that describes what to do using a Linux PC. In the absence of a Linux PC, it says to connect a second ZYXEL NAS to read the data from the first ZYXEL NAS. I really don't want to give ZYXEL more money when I have one of their NAS devices that just died on me.

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    Hi, I had a similar problem: RAID1, one of my HD died, and I wanted to be sure the other one was fine. Mounting the HD on Linux and checking the data was pretty simple. You could use a live distro (e.g. Ubuntu), boot it via CD/USB without having to actually install it, and mount the HD using mdadm, like in the thread you linked.
    If you  don't feel like it, you could try tools such as Ext2 Volume Manager, ext2fsd,ext2read. 
    But, from I what I read, it's not 100% guaranteed it will work.

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