NAS542 - Replacing all disks

I recently bought a slightly used NAS542 with 4 x 1TB disks in RAID5. 
(currently ~85% full, latest FW installed)

I'm planning to replace all 4 disks with 4 x 3TB disks but I'm a bit unsure how this is done smartest way without losing data.
Just pull one disk at time, replace, add to raid-set and wait a day until resynced and repeat 3 more times?
 Or is there a better/smarter way to do this?

All advices welcome!

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    Replacing the disks one by one, and re-syncing in between should work. But as you asked this, I assume you don't have a backup. If your data is valuable, you should have a backup. The NAS and/or it's disks will fail, some day.
    If you first make a backup, you can start over with 4 new disks, and put the backup on it. That way you also have the original 4 disks containing your data, as 2nd backup. (If you pull the orginal disks one by one and resync in between, the 4 old disks cannot be assembled any more, as they all represent a different timestamp)

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