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Is there a way to recover deleted files? My family photos are deleted by some software and I need to recover them.

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    The used filesystem (ext4) has no support for deleted file recovery. There is a tool around which can use the filesystems journal to attempt to undelete files (link), or you can use a tool like PhotoRec to search the whole disk surface for photos.
    In both cases you'll have to take the disks out, as the NAS doesn't have the tools, and in both cases you should shutdown the NAS ASAP, as each disk access can destroy the data further.
    For extundelete you'll need a Linux system, PhotoRec can run on any supported system, as it doesn't use filesystem information (which also means you won't get filesystem meta data, like timestamps and filesnames).
    When you have a RAID5 array you need Linux anyway, as the array has to be assembled to be able to run the tool.

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