NBG6818 wifi scheduling + parental control causing instability?

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Seems that wifi scheduling in combination with parental control makes the NBG6818 instable.

Below my situation: Dutch ISP providing internet + voip via FTTH connection (1000Mb)

hardware configuration :
1. Genexis-Element-TY01-P2110-v1.0 (FTTH)
   -> connection to bullet 2
2. Zyxel VMG8324-B10a (default traffic route via vlan34 because of voip)
   -> connection to bullet 3 via lan port 1
   -> wifi switched off
   -> no wifi scheduling
   -> no parental control
3. Zyxel Armor G1 (NBG6818), firmware v1.00 (absc.4)c0
   - lan port 1 connection to GS-108S v2
         - network player
        - tv
        - 2 computers
        - 1 additional wall outlet
   - lan port 2 connection to GS-108S v2
    - chromecast 3
        - 2 computers
        - 2 additional wall outlets
   - lan port 3 connection to
        - gigaset s850 a GO
          (ip telephone ready for LAN IEEE802.3 connection)
   - lan port 4 connection to Zyxel NSA 310s
   - Wireless connections
        - 1 printer
        - 2 tablets
        - 3 phones

Armor G1 situation 1
  - wifi scheduling: available on between 06:45 and 00:00
  - parental control set up 1
    - 1 tablet (wifi)
        - 1 pc (via gs-108s / lan port)
        - available between 12:00 and 18:00
  - parental control set up 2
    - 1 telephone (wifi)
        - 1 pc (via gs-108s / lan port)
        - available between 12:00 and 18:15
  - situation stable for 12 hours in a row, then wifi unavailable followed by 'connection lost'
     and red light on Armor g1. "Solved" by unplugging the Armor and plugging it in again.

Armor G1 situation 2 (changing parental control settings without rebooting the Armor G1)
  - wifi scheduling: switched off, so always available
  - parental control for kid 1
        - 1 tablet (wifi)
        - 1 pc (via gs-108s / lan port)
        - available between 07:30 and 18:15
  - parental control for kid 2
        - 1 telephone (wifi)
        - 1 pc (via gs-108s / lan port)
        - available between 09:30 and 17:45
  - situation stable for 24 hours in a row, but at 07:30 wifi unavailable followed by 'connection lost' for
    the network player  and automatic reboot of Armor G1.
    Wifi signal available but (wired) network player lost connection.
    Total time unavailability just short of 10 minutes.

Armor G1 situation 3:
 - no parental control
 - wifi scheduling available between 06:30 and 00:00
 - stable situation for 6 days.

The situation with the vmg8324-b10a between the genexis and the armor g1 is temporary until the connection is switched from "internet + voip" to "internet only".

Seems to me the parental control & wifi scheduling makes the Armor G1 instable. Could be it just my G1 + firmware. Does anyone has another experience, different setup that does work without glitches?

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  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Dear @CoenB,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Since the connection is stable for 8 days without any interruption 
    You can enable the parental control function on the device and observer for a week.

    Best regards,

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  • kukuman
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    Hi, I used G1 and FW version V1.00(ABSC.4)C0 also. In my environment there are three devices, I combined WiFi scheduling and parental control to limit two WiFi devices' time period of accessing the internet. During the blocked time period, the two WiFi devices were blocked couldn’t access the internet but the laptop PC connect to the lan of G1 can. Would you mind simplifying your network environment and test it again?

  • Zyxel_Jerry
    Zyxel_Jerry Posts: 607  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @CoenB

    Could you provide your public IP address or DDNS to your device?

    We would like to check the configuration settings on you NBG6818.

    Please follow below steps to provide us the remote access to the device.

    1.      If your Wan are using public IP address, please go to armor G1 web gui > Settings > System >enable Access Interface WAN & LAN and enable Remote Assistant

    2.      Please provide us the account and password of your device and also the wan interface port number.

    3.      Please provide the above information using private message to us.

    Best regards,



  • CoenB
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    Hi Jerry, DM has been sent
  • CoenB
    CoenB Posts: 9
    Updated information.
    1. vmg8324 removed from setup (no longer required)
    2. vlan configuration no longer applicable
    3. moved NBG6818 away from direct proximity from the smart electricity meter (gprs signal)
    4. changed some older cables (cat 5e) by cat6a (stp)
    5. moved other cables away from the smart meter (to reduce signal interference)
    6. changed 2.4Ghz signal bandwidth from 20Mhz to 40Mhz.
    Bullets 5 and 6 seemed to have the most positive impact.
    Connection is now stable for 8 days without hiccups.

    @Jerry: additional information about the smart meter send per DM.

    Kind regards, Coen
  • CoenB
    CoenB Posts: 9
    Dear Jerry,

    - Ran 6 days with 2 parental control schedules with each 1 fixed device per parental control
    - On day 6 added parental control number 3 for 1 mobile device.

    It's now day 11 and the Armor G1 has not experienced 1 glitch or reboot.

    The only time I noticed some on-off connection issues for 5 minutes on my own device (which was not in parental control) , was when I had been playing around with the app blocking and releasing the parental control for the mobile device. Which I could not repeat.

    It seems the issue is now solved. You may want to check the logging on the router (remote access is enabled)

    Kind regards,

  • Asgatlat
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    hi @Zyxel_Jerry , could you send me the V1.00(ABSC.4)C0_20201202 intermediate FW that @CoenB use ?
    i would like to try if it's more stable for me too

  • Zyxel_Jerry
    Zyxel_Jerry Posts: 607  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @Asgatlat

    May I know is there any issue happen on your site?
    Could you describe more details about it?

  • Asgatlat
    Asgatlat Posts: 73  Ally Member
    Hi @Asgatlat

    May I know is there any issue happen on your site?
    Could you describe more details about it?

    CPU usage go to 90% then go back to 12% and start again to raise...
    You can also see the poor bandwidth with my 1gbs fiber ... 
    The G5 is in bridge mode and link my cat6 RJ45 to my ISP modem
    With my Synology rt1900ac (bought 6 years ago) I have 300mbs .... 
    Just release a better FW to manage your router please

  • Zyxel_Jerry
    Zyxel_Jerry Posts: 607  Zyxel Employee

    Could you describe more details about the CPU usage issue?
    1.When will the CPU goes to high CPU uasge, does it happen randomly or regularly?
    2.When CPU usage raise up, are there any other devices doing upload or download? 
    3.Or the CPU usage raise up when doing the speedtest or in some action?
    To check your Wi-Fi environment, you can download inSSIDer on your laptop to check Wi-Fi signal in your environment. If you're using mobile, you can download Wi-Fi analyzer to check it.

    Please try to put a laptop under Armor with ethernet cable connected and do the speedtest on the laptop without using Wi-Fi and check the result. If the result is the same as connected with Wi-Fi, then it is not a problem with Wi-Fi. 

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