NBG6818 wifi scheduling + parental control causing instability?


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  • Asgatlat
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    hi @Zyxel_Jerry , i will check tonight because i can't see the cpu or memory usage by using phone app
  • Asgatlat
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    Could you describe more details about the CPU usage issue?
    1.When will the CPU goes to high CPU uasge, does it happen randomly or regularly? Randomly
    2.When CPU usage raise up, are there any other devices doing upload or download? No, but 8 devices connected,maybe little traffic (Chromecast dongle,tv,Sonos...)
    3.Or the CPU usage raise up when doing the speedtest or in some action? Randomly
    To check your Wi-Fi environment, you can download inSSIDer on your laptop to check Wi-Fi signal in your environment. If you're using mobile, you can download Wi-Fi analyzer to check it.

    Please try to put a laptop under Armor with ethernet cable connected and do the speedtest on the laptop without using Wi-Fi and check the result. If the result is the same as connected with Wi-Fi, then it is not a problem with Wi-Fi. 

    By cable speed is ok. For information, yesterday night with only my tablet connected in wifi my twitch app often switch from high quality to bad quality (never happened with rt1900) for information with armorg1 I use same SSID channel selection auto but wpa2/wpa3 mix security (of course when I use my armorg1 I switch off the rt1900)

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    Hi @Asgatlat

    Could you share your inSSIDer and the Wi-Fi analyzer result?
    Is there any difference of the result when the symptom happen?
    If you have any concern to share the information in the post, you can private message to us.


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