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I have Mesh network set at home with 3 Zyxel Multy units. The internet speed on the primary Multy is around 300 Mbs the second Multy gets slower, it is around 110 Mbs and the last unit is only capable of 60Mbs. 
All the units are fairly close to each other and when I check in the app it says that the location of the units are perfect. 
Could anybody explain why the speed is not the same on all the units? I though that was the idea behind a MASH network?!

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    Dear Sir,

    1.Please kindly provide your network topology.
    2.How do you do the speed test? 
       (1) Are you using a laptop or mobile?
       (2) If you're using mobile, are you using Multy APP to do the speed test?
            Could you share some screenshots related to your issue? 
    3.  Please send us the feedback on the Multy APP, when pressing the send feedback button on Multy APP, it will auto-generate the log of the multy devices, please make sure all of the devices are connected to the internet before sending us the feedback.

    Best regards,

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