Is it possible to use a switch with Multy U ?

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Is it possible to use a switch to connect devices with LAN cable to Multy U network?
Similar setup than the picture below, but indeed it doesn't work with the computer connected with LAN cable. Is there any setup which would allow such connection? 


With the Switch:

In the scenario (With the Switch), this switch will only use for Ethernet backhaul communicate.
If any client devices connects to this switch, it will not able to access Internet.

Step 1. Please set up Multy U (WSR30) WiFi System via wireless backhaul.
Step 2. Power off the switch.
Step 3. Using two Ethernet cables, LAN port of the root node and WAN port of the extender node connects to switch.
Step 4. Power on the Switch.

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    Dear Sir,

    The Switch in the Multy network topology will only use for Ethernet backhaul communication.
    If you would like to connect the computer to the switch, there should be no other Multy device under the switch.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for answer! Then I have to replace the Multy U system, since in my setup it's necessary to have a switch "in between" ethernet connected mesh-devices (to connect devices by ethernet to ensure max speed).  

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