Nas540 - It is going to reboot by itself again and again.

Hi all,
since today I have problems with my nas540. During booting, all LEDs are blinking and white. I didn't start a firmware upgrade. I don't know what can I do.

step 1: after pressing the power button -> all LEDs are blinking and white -> it starts.
step 2: after a few minutes (power & system LED on) -> HDD1 - HDD4 are blinking.
step 3: it beeps on time -> nas540 is going to reboot by itself again & again.
-> I can't connect my nas540 login via browser & IP.

Should I reset my nas540? Can I  upload a video file?
Question 1: What happens with my data, if I'd reset it? Will I lose it?
Question 2: Can I migrate my 4 HDDs, if I'd buy a new one? (In case, it isn't possible to use my old one?)
Question 3: Can I reset my nas540 without HDDs?

Thanks a lot for answering and best wishes,

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    I suggest you the following steps;

    Turn off your NAS, plug out the hard drives and backup them to other device.Make sure you completely backed up your data. Reset your NAS until you hear 3 beeps. If this problem still exist and that device has warranty you can ask for RMA.
    If everything is fine then plug them in again. 

    Try to repair your volumes using NAS GUI. 

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