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So I just installed owncloud via the app center on my nas and it's working like it should. However all of my files that I already have on my nas won't show up on the owncloud interface and vice versa. I can't see any files that are saved on the owncloud on the local file browser even though owncloud is installed on the same harddrive. How do copy the files that I already have on the harddrive to owncloud?

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    You are not able to directly access to owncloud's path from NAS gui. However, you can ssh to your nas and see the files.

    owncloud and nas's gui use different file paths.

    Owncloud files resides at /i-data/##/.PKG/

    You can still see the files, just find /i-data/###/.PKG path for it.
    Nas gui holds files under /i-data-/###/ path 

    so if you want to copy any file from nas to your owncloud, you can use something like;

    cp /i-data/###/admin/jelly.jel /i-data/###/.PKG/

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