USB not for filesharing?

I have just bought an ARMOR Z2. There is a USB3 and a USB2 port. If I put an external harddrive in any port, it does not show anywhere on the GUI?  

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    What model of the external harddrive are you using?
    What is the input and output of the harddrive?
  • I have tried different types of drives. It seems that USB3 port allows two devices on each where it automatically creates folders for photo, music and video. But what is not written anywhere is one folder tmp, where you can store other types of files.

    The USB 2 accepts any type and shows everything on the drive as it is. I bought this router to get faster access via USB3, but it is limited access to these specific folders.

    I downloaded a user guide specifically for this device, but it is very old and referring to Windows 7. The page (GUI) you get on is VERY primitive and not fully functional. One thing is that I can name the WLAN but not the LAN.

    I have a quite powerful HP Computer with Windows 10, working perfectly before with a DOVADO PRO router, so that is not the problem. Now windows will not even find and access the router unit. Two times I had it working; it was found as "NBG6817", but then suddenly it was lost.

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    If the specification of the USB require1.5A, you needed to rely on an external power supply to be able to use.
    What do you mean the windows will not even find and access the router unit?
    Do you mean you're not able to access web gui on windows 10?

  • I use external power for as well the usb-hus as for the extertnal drive.
    In Windows you can add network places, like this:

    Here you can see the device, where the usb1 is the USB3-port. And the usb2-x are The USB2-port.
    In both USB ports you can use a hub. So, as many as you like...

    Yes, I can access the page (GUI) to the router at

    I f I download the user guiide, it seems to be referring to windows 7. The version is Version 1.00 Edition 1, 05/2018 and with no guides or anything.

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    link to the guide:

    The guide