Use Nebula’s live chat support to have your problems solved quicker

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The COVID-19 pandemic requires that we remain vigilant in our everyday lives. Remote working and social distancing are advised to help stop the spread of the virus. Nebula users are encouraged to take advantage of the live chat tool to contact Zyxel support team remotely to analyze, diagnose, and solve product or configuration-related issues online.

Nebula live chat tool is a convenient online customer support service that users of Nebula who own a pro pack Organization are able to obtain a solution faster when there is an issue. Users can use the live chat to inquire questions between 01:00 ~ 10:00 (UTC+0) Time. Zyxel Nebula personnel will reply customer’s message as soon as possible. Note that if a user uses a different  language other than English on live chat, the live chat will translate the language used into English.

This article depicts the usage of Live chat support on Nebula Control Center (NCC) when users have questions or troubles that would like to inquire for.

                                Please click   on the bottom right of NCC web portal.

                                                             Figure 1: Start using live chat

Users are able to search solutions of the issue via visiting our Zyxel business forum on this page (Blue square). If there is no article that answers the problem, click contact agent button to chat with a Zyxel Nebula agent.


             Figure 2: Search a problem to find solutions

Deeply describe the issue that would be much more helpful for us to resolve the problem efficiently. After filling in and verifying all the information is correct, click start chatting to chat with our agent.


Figure 3: Information of Nebula users

Zyxel agent will reply the message as soon as possible. When using a different language to ask a question, it will be translated by Google translation.

Figure 4: Waiting for a reply

When all agents are busy, a message will pop out to inform the user to hold.


Figure 5: Busy message

Sometimes, text is harder to describe the problem than a screenshot. Users may upload files on the live chat and send them to the Zyxel agent.


                                                                  Figure 6: Uploading a file