Multy X, No connection after power outage


I recently bought a pair of Multy X routers.

I have one serious problem. Whenever there's been a power outage the system won't recover unless I manually do a power cycle of the primary device.

The Multy X is connected to a 4G router and I suspect that the issue is that the 4G router takes some time to boot.

Still I'm very surprised that the Multy X doesn't do any attempt to recover the connection. It's struck with the solid red light and no connection. The only way to get it to work again is if I do a manual power cycle.

It's also not possible to do any diagnosis since the Multy app won't connect at all in this state.

Please fix this ASAP.

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    Dear @jonxon

    The solid red on the Multy X means Multy X cannot access the Internet.
    Multy device will auto recover the connection when the connection gets back, if the device connection does not auto recover, please check the port on the router, you can switch to another port on the router and check after the power cycle will the symptom still occur.

    Best regards,

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