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The installation of my first Multy X on my iPhone was succesfull, I created my WiFi, but after the installation the app says, the Multy is disconnected and I cant connect to it and set it up never more. I need to run my Multy in the bridge mode (i have my own optical modem for connection to the internet). I want to set up next Multys but cant do it. I use the newest version of the app, freshly installen from the App Store. M iPhone ist the 12 Pro Max with the newest iOS system. Please, need help ASAP!!

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    Dear @Robert22

    Please reset all of your Multy devices and follw the below steps to reinstall the Multy X again,

    Multy App will require an internet connection to sync your Multy device.
    Even the phone is connected to the Multy wifi, it will still access our Cloud server to sync your Multy device.
    1. May I know your Network topology?
    2. Are you able to access the internet with Multy wifi? Please make sure your phone is able to access the internet before open the Multy App.
    3.Please provide the screenshot related to your issue.
    4.What is the firmware version Multy device currently using?
    5.When the APP says disconnected, does the Wifi Sill exist and work in your environment?
    6.What is the LED light when the issue happens on your Multy device?
    7.Please send us the feedback on the Multy APP.

    Best regards,

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