Zyxel NSA 325 v2 myzyxelcloud

Guten Tag,

ich habe ein NSA 325 v2.
Wenn ich über die Homepage https://mycloud.zyxel.com/discoverer/index 
den Server hinzufügen will wird er nicht erkannt obwohl ich im selben Netzwerk bin.

Seriennummer ist auch fragwürdig wenn ich es manuell hinzufügen will weil hinten drauf nur 2 Strichcode
Aufkleber sind mit 2 nummern. Hab Sie beide mit der richtigen MAC schon getestet zum manuell hinzufügen.
Muss man am Server was einstellen das er von der Homepage erkannt wird? In der Videoanleitung sieht es so einfach aus  

Gruß Chris


Good day,

I have an NSA 325 v2.
If I go to the homepage https://mycloud.zyxel.com/discoverer/index
wants to add the server it is not recognized even though I am in the same network.

Serial number is also questionable if I want to add it manually because there are only 2 barcodes on the back
Stickers are with 2 numbers. Have you both tested with the correct MAC to add manually.
Do you have to set something on the server so that it is recognized by the homepage? It looks so easy in the video tutorial

Greetings Chris

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  • hunandoz
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    If you have registered yourself at myCloud homepage, and the myCloud package is active in your NAS then you should be able to add manually your nas with MAC address (usually this is the first goup of the bottom labels) and the serial number (it starts with "S")
  • Chris2
    I have test it now again. I start over Nas Starter Utility the website from myzyxelcloud and i loging in. On normal search nothing show and when i make it manually put the mac in and only the nummber with "S" and nothing happens. Only show "it will not found"...

    Thanks for the fast answer :-)
  • Rosario
    I've the same problem. can't add My NSA 325 v.2 even if I provide both MAC address and Serial number. I've updated the NSA with the last firmware.

    The question is: does the NSA 325 v.2 support myzyxelcloud?

  • Chris2
    Or we have to open a port on router that it works with the website? I will think that nsa 325 v2 is compatible with this. 

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