NAS540 . Raid degraded , Volumes down - Storage manager won't open


i have a NAS540 and now the first time a have a disk error and my volumes are down.
My problem is that i have no chance to repair this as the storage manager is simply not opening.
I just a received a grey box with a spinning cycle..but this last forever.

Any idea how to procedd ?

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  • schrehe
    Oh great. After a reboot the Nas in now completly unreachable even with Starter Utility.
    great Product. :(
  • Mijzelf
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    That problem popped up before, in this forum. One of the disks was dead, but not dead enough to simply 'not be there', and the storage manager was waiting infinite on a status request.
    If that disk is drawing too much power the NAS won't boot. So remove all disks, and try to boot.
    If one of the disks is hot, that will be the faulty one. You can re-insert the others.
  • schrehe
    Very glad you are willing to help.
    But as i said after a restart the system is now completly down and unreachable. Even via Starter Utility.
    I try to reconfigure network wihtout success. It shows the new IP but when try to manage via Browser connection is refused
    No matter how any disks i have inserted now.
    No idea how to access now
  • Mijzelf
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    I never used the Starter Utility, so I don't know what possibilities it has.

    My action would be: Remove all disks, boot up the NAS. Look in the webinterface of the router if it has got an IP address. If so, try to access it. If not, try a factory reset (keep the reset button pushed for ~15 seconds, until it has beeped 3 times. Then reboot the box, and consult the router again.
    Look at the leds near the network interface. Do they show some action? Is there a difference between cable connected and not? And the switch on the other side? 
    If not, try another cable/networkport.

  • schrehe
    The factory reset helps me to get back access to console. Thanks for that.
    Starting up..first. then i reinsert the disks ones by..concerning the logs before reet it says disk 3 has an i/o error.
    This seems to be the one causing the issues.
    But also disk 4 does not look good. wrong size and no temperatur data shown.
    Also the systen shows now 4 disks but no volume

  • schrehe
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    Oh it seems really that i have worst case and disk 3 and 4 are having issues.
    When i insert disk 1,2 and 4 i do not get any error messages and can get into storage manager..see the disks , no volumes, Disk 4 has wrong size , sometimes 0 sometimes this 3,86 Gb only. From Modellname you see that it is same disk as the others.
    When i start up with disk 1,2 and 3 i received the beeps at startup, got an error message when loggin into interface that my volume is down but i can not enter storage manager due to spinning circle. I can remove disk 3 then after i while i can go into storage manager but the only with two disks and no volumes. Reinserting disk 3 does not change this anymore. It shows up in the disks but no volume.

    At this point i am pretty sure that my data is gone.
    I have activated ssh and was looking for some data.

    ~ $ cat /proc/mdstat
    Personalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid10] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4]
    md1 : active raid1 sda2[0] sdb2[1]
          1998784 blocks super 1.2 [4/2] [UU__]

    md0 : active raid1 sda1[0] sdb1[1]
          1997760 blocks super 1.2 [4/2] [UU__]

    unused devices: <none>
    ~ $ cat /proc/partitions
    major minor  #blocks  name

       7        0     147456 loop0
      31        0        256 mtdblock0
      31        1        512 mtdblock1
      31        2        256 mtdblock2
      31        3      10240 mtdblock3
      31        4      10240 mtdblock4
      31        5     112640 mtdblock5
      31        6      10240 mtdblock6
      31        7     112640 mtdblock7
      31        8       6144 mtdblock8
       8        0 2930266584 sda
       8        1    1998848 sda1
       8        2    1999872 sda2
       8        3 2926266368 sda3
       8       16 2930266584 sdb
       8       17    1998848 sdb1
       8       18    1999872 sdb2
       8       19 2926266368 sdb3
      31        9     102424 mtdblock9
       9        0    1997760 md0
       9        1    1998784 md1
      31       10       4464 mtdblock10
       8       32    4044975 sdc

    There are still data but this looks very strangly wrong. As it says raid1. This was never a raid 1 it was a raid5 over 4 disks without a spare.
    usually raid 5 should be fine when one disk fails.

    Do have any other new idea ? :)
    Does it makes sense to look deeper into ?
  • Mijzelf
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    md0 and md1 are internal volumes, used for firmware and swap. And indeed these are raid1 (a 4 disk raid1, in your case).
    Unfortunately your data volume (md2) is raid5, and down. If your data is valuable, you can try to use something like ddrescue to make a bit-by-bit copy of disk 4 on a new disk. No idea if that will succeed. For ddrescue you'll need a Linux PC with at least two decent SATA ports, and lots of time. An USB-SATA converter is not recommended, at least not for your disk4. For the new disk it should be no problem.
    If you managed to get a copy of disk 4, it should be possible with some mdadm magic to get the array up again.
    But of course it would be easier if you have a good backup.

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