[Nebula] How to configure the AP LAN provision?

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Where to find: Configure > Access point > AP & port settings > Port setting

Function description: This screen allows you to enable or disable a port on the managed AP and configure the port's VLAN settings. The port settins apply to all Nebula APs that are assigned to the site and have one or more than on Ethernet LAN port.
PVID: It is used to add the tag to the incoming untagged frames.
Allow VLANs: Enter the VLAN ID number to which the port belongs. You can enter individual VLAN ID numbers separated by a comma or a range of VLANs by using a dash, such as 1,3,5-8.

Scenario: I have a specific VLAN10 subnet to the employee computer which connect to AP LAN port.

Configuration: Since PC will not tag VLAN out for traffic, we have to add a PVID for the LAN port and add VLAN 10 to allow it pass the port.

Apply for a specific AP: Choose the AP and complete the setting.