Multy U: how to notice if ethernet backhaul is in use?

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I have a 1000/100 fibre internet connection and Multy U mesh network in my house (3 pcs of Multy U, first used as a router and two other as mesh units).
Fiber modem is connected to Multy U router with ethernet cable. Other Multy U units are connected to router with ethernet cable also (units are installed with wifi first, as instructed).
However, I really have problem believing that other units are using ethernet backhaul, as there is no way to confirm it (at least in the app, it doesn't show which backhaul is used).

How to notice if units are using ethernet backhaul? 

Example with speeds (which made me guess that units are not using ethernet backhaul). Also Third multy U unit is constantly dropping out of network (light turns red, app asks to move unit closer to other multy, despite being connected to ethernet backhaul).

Directly from modem via ethernet: 1000/100 Mbps
Directly from router via ethernet: 800/100
From Multy U router via Wifi: 500/100
Second Multy U via Wifi: 120/50
Third Multy U via Wifi: 60/30

Edit: I've also tried disconnecting ethernet cables between Multy units and speed stays roughly the same. This means that units are NOT using ethernet backhaul, or it doesn't affect speed at all.

Please help me out! I'm already thinking of switching Multy units to another brand to ensure I can distribute fiber speeds throughout the house, these speeds are not acceptable.

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    Hi @Anton666666,

    To check if the ethernet cable connects correctly, you can check the Ethernet Connected Status on the Multy APP. 

    1. Could you share how do you test to get the result below?
    From Multy U router via Wifi: 500/100
    Second Multy U via Wifi: 120/50
    Third Multy U via Wifi: 60/30 

    2.Please connect the PC/Laptop to each Multy Lan port and do the speedtest on the PC.
       Please provide the Diagnose result page and the screenshot of the PC speedtest result on each Multy device. 
    3.Please make sure there are no other devices sharing the traffic when doing the test.

    Best Regards,

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