Make Traffic Shaping available on Nebula Free

TAPTech Posts: 99  Ally Member
edited April 14 in Nebula

I was unhappy to find that Traffic Shaping is only a feature of Nebula Pro. This is a basic feature, it doesn't require any continual updates from Zyxel and should not be subscription based. This is a big problem for us.


  • Nebula_Chris
    Nebula_Chris Posts: 374  Zyxel Employee
    edited August 2019

    Hello @TAPTech

    Thanks for your advice, please be aware that traffic shaping can still work on source iP range the only restriction is you cannot specify the destination IP, Ports,Protocol and Priority in free version. Sorry for any confusions.?


  • Nebula_Bayardo
    Nebula_Bayardo Posts: 224  Zyxel Employee

    Hey @TAPTech

    Just wanted to update you that traffic shaping is completely free on Nebula since January major release ?

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