USG 60 and ZyWALL 110 firmware 4.30 and 4.31 password must change; after change can not log in


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  • Hello,
    I have the same probleme in USG60W....
    in the documentation:

    What type of encryption is used?

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    Hi @Christophe31,

    The encryption algorithm cannot be provided.

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    Hi fellows. I was just affected by this incredibly sneaky bug. 
    I was prompted to set a new login for my admin-user at login. So I generated the quite complex password: [email protected]$9%hC^D&w which the box saved without comment.
    After this I could not login anymore. 

    After finding this thread I tried a couple of variations of the password with no success. Then I realized that $ is a common character to identify variables. Assuming that the Zywall took $ as a start of a variable (and probably would not accept % as part of a variable name) I removed $9 and logged in just fine. 

    So Andrea was on the right track. But it's not if it's ending with a special character, just remove one character after the $ until you find the right password. 

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    I'm having this problem, but the password started with ' and then alphanumeric characters. Any ideas?
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    Running version V4.38 on a USG40W this problem still exists. No warning or error appeared after password renewal. For us this is a reason to change the supplier.
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    With firmware: v4.39
    The account:admin with password: [email protected]$9%hC^D&w can be accepted by device, and I can login. Can you share what password are you using?
    What firmware are you using?

    If you meet the same issue(cannot login) because the password is expired, have to follow the FAQ to recover the configuration and set a new password.

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