Use Multy X in Bridge Mode

Tauchloewe Posts: 15  Freshman Member
edited November 2017 in Multy WiFi System
Hi, I would like to replace my Apple express with the new Multy X. Is there any chance to use it in Bridge mode? Modem is a Fritz Box which defines the IPs and I would like to keep it. I need the Multy for a better WiFi connectivity in-house. 


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  • Zyxel_Steven
    Zyxel_Steven Posts: 247  Zyxel Employee
    Accepted Answer
    Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in Multy X!
    Multy X will support Bridge Mode at the end of this year.

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  • Tauchloewe
    Tauchloewe Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    Hi, ok, thanks. Than I will return them and wait. Too long to keep them and hope. 
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