NAS326 Backup Planner Jobs. Where are they?

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I've had to factory reset the NAS326. Backup 'Jobs' made by the 'Backup Planner' app are not available after the reset. (the backup files themselves are still there but the 'Jobs' which keeps track of those files are missing.)

Where does the NAS326 keep these 'Jobs' so they can be brought back after the factory reset?
Going back to the configuration prior to the reset brings back those 'Jobs' but where are they on the NAS?


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  • Ijnrsi
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    Do you mean the job item you created for NAS326?
    If yes, that it would not be also saved into archive file, so after factory reset, the job will be deleted, but you can create the same backup job name for new job, then can use restore data by backup job in restore page, moreover if you forget the name, that you check the folder name of archive in NAS326, but the job will start over while program is running.  
  • lescarlson
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    It is too bad the backup job (incremental) could not have been picked up where it left off (before the factory reset). The backup jobs had to be recreated from scratch.

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