NAS 326 Gigabit connection failure

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I have Zyxel NAS326 and when i connect it to the LAN port, it tries to connect at a Gigabit speed but it failures... and then connects at 100mbps speed through auto negotiation.
Do you know what might be fault ?? I have the latest firmware update and i use Cat6 lan cables.


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  • Ijnrsi
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    Do you have any configuration on router to limit the connection speed?
    As I know some of router can limit the port link speed on 100M or 1G, such as Fritzbox! 7490.
    You can also directly connect PC with NAS to see the speed to make sure if the Ethernet port on NAS326.
  • diamas
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    I have Asus DSL-AC88U modem router which doesn't allow any LAN port management, like AVM Fritzbox.
    The first time i connect NAS326, Asus was trying to connect only in 1G speed and only the amber led was blinking on NAS (again and again) and nothing was happening...!!!

    Then i bought a Gigabit switch and i connect it to the Asus, when i connected NAS on switch
    it was trying to connect at 1G speed and after 3-4 attempts it was turning at 100mbps and finally had communication with Asus.

    The only thing i thought is that Asus LAN port auto-negotiation wasn't trying to low speed after some attempts to succeed connection (that's why the loop) and finally connect with NAS.
    But i wonder why NAS still can't connect with the switch at 1G speed isn't that weird??

    Asus + NAS326 = NAS amber led trying loop and no connection...
    Asus + 1Gigabit switch + NAS326 = 3-4 attempts for 1G connection and turn into 100mbps with connection

  • diamas
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    I just connected NAS with telnet and i forced LAN port with ethtool to connect at 1000 speed and it was doing the same loop...
    do you have any other ethtool parameter that i could use to work with 1Gigabit speed or any other idea ??
  • Ijnrsi
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    I only know the command below:
    ethtool -s egiga0 speed 1000 duplex full autoneg on 

    Maybe you can try hardware button to reset the network setting, press the button till 1 beep and release.
    If still same problem, try reset all configuration back to default by press reset button with 3 beeps and hold 5 seconds, then release.

  • diamas
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    I have tried with this command to force it work with 1Gigabit speed and it was only doing the loop again, after making restart it was working at 100mbps again.
    I hope to see the problem from the support and release any new firmware, or else it's the last time i bought something from Zyxel i'm very dissapointed from their support.
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    In this case I don't think a firmware update will work. I think you have a hardware problem. The NIC is defective.

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