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Hi everyone .
I constantly have to disconnect / reconnect my S8 to my Multy X network when I wounder around between nodes, and also when out of sleep mode. At first I thought this was a Samsung issue, but after doing all the troubleshooting on my phone set-up ( DHCP to Static, changing the gateway etc..) I still have the same problems. My wife recently purchased the Huawei Mate 10 pro, and it has the same issue. 

Anyone in here that can relate to this issue?
I have four nodes, could this be the reason?
I also have my Multy X set-up as a combined 2.4 and 5 ghz network, meaning I only have the one network name. 

Appreciate all comebacks ?


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    In order to provide you with a better assistance, we have contacted you via private message to get the information. :)

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    Have the same problem iPhone X.
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    Could you please explain more detail about your problem?
    - Do you mean your mobile device connected Multy X, but cannot access Internet?
    - Or your mobile device will keep connecting to original node when you're close to another node? (Mobile device cannot switch to another node, but it is able to access Internet?)
    - Have you try to stay for a while to see the status? 
    - May I know how do you check your mobile device roaming or not?
    - Is possible to share speed test (Diagnose page in Multy X APP) result about node between node?

  • Gulstripe
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    Hi Penny, and thanks for the reply. 
    The Wi-Fi will bounce off when I go from one node the other. (I have four all in all) There are no issues if I remain situated at one spot  but let's say I'm going from the kitchen to the living room, the Wi-Fi on my phone will not connect to the nearest node, unless I toggle off and on the Wi-Fi on my phone. Quite offen this will also happen when I wake the phone up from sleep mode. When I go to settings on my phone  it will say "could not retain ip-adress" After several weeks with trying and failing with the phones set-up, (not only my phone) I'm left with the possibility that the problem could be my initial set-up of the nodes on the Multy X. Meaning that I chose to have only the one combined signal and not dividing the 2.4 and 5 ghz.
    As you will see from the diagnostic screenshot, the problem is not with the communication between the nodes  never had any issues there.

    Hopefully this is helpful inputs for you to assess the situation ? 
  • Gulstripe
    Gulstripe Posts: 9  Freshman Member

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