second multy x settings fails every time

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Just bought multy x with two routers and the first went fine and works perfect , but when i try to add the second one, it starts and loading and the when it shall find the multy device it comes up with failed settings
(no more informartion) the only choice is to rest the router and try again which comes up with the same problem ?


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    Can you share below information to confirm this problem?
    .What is the model name of your mobile device and O.S. version?
    .What is the version of Multy X APP?
    .What is the LED status during the problem encountered?
    .Do you wait for the LED status become to Blue Blinking and then add it via APP?
    .Try to reset and exchange two nodes, then setup again.
    .Please make sure your mobile device is able to access Internet via LTE or WiFi when you are installing 2nd node. Maybe you can try to disable WiFi, and then uses LTE to add it.
    .Maybe you can restart your mobile device, or clear Bluetooth cache if your mobile device is Android. Please refer to Multy X FAQ. (How to clear Bluetooth cache in my Android phone?)
  • Thorander
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    got 4 pcs. Of multy x.
    Did use the whole day trying to start up the system with the new app 2.0.0 for iOS.
    It does installera the first one But hangs at the second one with the message ’settings error’
    I Have tried Everything, swapping units, iPad, iPhone 6, iPhone X, resets, on off with WiFi-only using LTE, different distances between the units, keeping the phone/pad close, in between...
    Absolutely nothing works, same answer...settings error comes up when the second unit is suppose to be connected. 
    Any ideas?
    is the new app for iOS not compatible with the hardware/firmware?
  • Thorander
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    i use App 2.0.0 and ios11 with iphone6, iphoneX and new Ipad...Nothing works.
    any suggestions, or should I return all the multy X?
    Why are you using bluetooth? it is a very bad protocol...
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    Do you try:
    After finished 1st node installation, press "Done". Then, go to Menu -> Add Multy to add other nodes. Is it works?

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