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I am trying to find a good manual that documents everything on the NGG100 gateway but so far have only found the user guide that is good for a general user but not at a network engineering level.

Currently I am trying to find out what I can put in the 'Allowed Remote IP' field under the NAT/Virtual Server rules. A single IP address in their works fine but we need to allow a range of addresses to access an open port, i.e. can we put in to use a range of addresses or does it understand, etc.?


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    Hi @TCL_Support

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    Yes, can be  understood! The format of Allowed Remote IP field can be as below; you can select one format to apply.

    1.      A specific ipv4 address, such as

    2.      A valid IP range, such as

    3.      Any: to allow any remote IP

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    Ok, perfect - at last a feature that works! Many thanks for the answer.

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