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I am wanting to change the default port number to port 80 and the https port number to 81 (or whatever would be best) so that I can redirect normal web usage to the Zyxel NAS540 device.  I'd assume that I also have to change the reference of the files it would then use to serve up the pages.  I have already changed the Web Configuration to another port (and the web configurator works on the new ports).

I would like to have a custom website served like the following URL: http(s)://ServerNameOrIP

Currently, I have to use a URL like "http://ServerNameOrIP:5000/WebServer", where "WebServer" is the name of the folder containing my web files, such as index.html.  The port 5000 is what the Zyxel NAS540 automatically set as the port number to use for hosting.

I would like ot drop the ":5000/WebServer" portion of the URL so that it can just read/use "http://ServerNameOrIP" so that I can use the port forwarding of my router to point to the Zyxel NAS540.


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