[NAS542] Moving existing HDDs with data (4x Basic, NO RAID) to a brandnew NAS542 Hardware

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Hi @all,

for some reason, I have to move my existing harddisks (used and doing fine on a previous NAS542) to my brandnew NAS542 box that I have already upgraded to V5.21(ABAG.1)C0.

The HW-configuration on my previous NAS542 was very simple:

* 4 similar HDDs mounted as 4 basic volumes (NO RAID, NO DISK GROUPS)
* 4 shares pointing to 4 volumes (1 single share for each volume)

Shared Folder Name         Description              Path
DATA1                               DATA HDD1            Volume1/DATA1
DATA2                               DATA HDD2            Volume2/DATA2
DATA3                               DATA HDD3            Volume3/DATA3
DATA4                               DATA HDD4            Volume4/DATA4

I would kindly request you to provide me with the exact steps to follow for this installation right from the scratch.

Please note that, at this time, there's no way for me to back up my 4x6TB of data.

That's why i'm asking and, assuming this could be a little tricky, i didn't try anything before.

So, please, how do I proceed in order to replicate the same configuration of my shares on my new hardware without endangering even a single bit of my data?

Q1: What is to do in the Storage Manager/Internal Storage/Volume section after inserting a HDD that is already containing data and has already been used in a zyXEL NAS542 before?

I would need all my HDDs to be mounted in the same order, i.e. Bay 1 --> HDD1 (Volume1) and so on...

Q2: What is to do in the Control Panel/Privilege and Sharing/Shared Folders section now?

Thank you very much for your valuable inputs.


P.S. I'm also very friendly with german, french and spanish.

@Tobias - Sie können mir auch gerne auf Deutsch antworten. 


Accepted Solution

  • Mijzelf
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    Accepted Answer
    The disks are supposed to be accepted as-is. You only have to re-enable the shares.

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