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How can I configure the Multy Mesh to respond to remote ICMP ping request?
I have my Mesh sitting behind a Zyxel router in bridge mode so I can connect my VDSL service as the Mesh does not have a built in VDSL modem.

I can use the ICMP feature on my router normally but when set to bridge mode it is basically a modem therefore all the connectivity of a router is passed to the Multy and I want to activate ICMP to monitor my line.

Can this be done or if not, added to a future firmware?


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  • Zyxel_Steven
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    To avoid being attacked, ICMP respond to Ping on WAN is disabled.
    But Multy APP is able to remote access your Multy X WiFi System. You can use "Diagnose" feature to check Internet <-> nodes.
  • User555
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    I understand what you are saying but can I have the option to allow or block ICMP? I would prefer to have the option myself
  • Zyxel_Steven
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    Thank your for the feature request. We will evaluate it.
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    I'm upping this thread as an owner of a Zyxel 8825 router for an FTTH connection (having the same limitation).

    My ISP was unable to provide a reliable connection and I was interested in monitoring the disservice to claim a refund or to be conscious at least.

    The easiest way was to configure but as long as ICPM from outside is disabled I've to enable https remote access. To me this seems secure-less and overkill. Would be great to have the option to enable that also on WAN.

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