How to connect wifi printer (HP Laserjet) to wifi network made by multy router?

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How to connect wifi airprinter to wifi network set by multy router? There is no quick setup button on the router and there is no place to enter wifi password on the printer


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    If your printer has display screen.
    Via The Wireless Setup Wizard from the printer's control panel.

    If your printer has not display screen.
    You need to use USB setup of wireless, and your PC must install HP Printer Software to connect Multy X WiFi.
    Internet---<Ethernet Cable>---Multy X)))<Wireless>(((PC---<USB>---Printer

    Here is the guideline from HP.
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    Hi Thanks a lot. 
    I connected printer via ethernet cable directly to the router but I cannot access it through iphone airprint. I see it (most probably) in the list of the devices under the name NPI965A57 but status is Disconnect. How to make it work?
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    From your screenshot, your iPhone isn't connected to Multy X WiFi?
    Your iPhone and HP printer must be on the same local network.
    Please refer to

    Can you share the model name of your HP printer?
    Do you try to connect your HP printer via wireless?

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