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If I were to buy for example a 3-pack of Multy X, are all the units in the package the same? That is,  can I use either one as a main router and the other as nodes or is one of them specifically meant to function as the main router? 
I ask, because I might like to use each of them as separate  routers for their own dedicated ISP later on. I guess this is the case,  I should be able to just reset them and use any of them to function as a router later on. .?


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  • Ztevie
    Ztevie Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    Thanks Steven!
    Another quickie: From what I've read Ethernet backhaul is not supported, but it's been mentioned it's under research basically since it was launched. But since nothing has happened in such a long time I guess it will not come either. Are there any indications this is being worked on? 
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    I setup Multy X to parents' new house which is 5 bedrooms apartment- 4078 sqft but it’s “L” shape floor plan. I connected the 1st Multy to the broadband modem in family room and 2nd Multy was suggested to put in the center of house by Multy App indication. Then I tried to use ethernet cable between 1st Multy and 2nd Multy to see if it can work? (I hope the wifi receiving in the bedrooms of the edge could be better!) Luckily, it did work! :)  So I moved 2nd Multy closer to the bedrooms of the edge and connected to 1st Multy via Ethernet backhaul. Now we got very fast speed in any room! :)

  • Ztevie
    Ztevie Posts: 5  Freshman Member
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    Oh really? I haven't seen any statement that Ethernet backhaul is working now? Are you sure the backhaul is through Ethernet and not just thru wireless? Have you tried to leave the 2nd multy at the same location, disconnect the cable and use it as wireless backhaul, comparing the speed? I don't doubt you, but zyxel would surely have announced Ethernet backhaul as up and running if it were indeed implemented now. .
    If it do work it would be perfect for me. I also live in a rather large L- shaped house and have trouble getting good WiFi at the end of one side of house. If this really works I'll buy the multy package for my newly installed fibre connection...
    I've been hovering the buy button for a pack of tp link m9 plus, just because it do have Ethernet backhaul. If multy has it, I would change my mind mainly because of the extra lan ports. 
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