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I own a NAS326 since December 2016. There are a few days now that my unit does not respond. When I try to login through my browser I get a "Site unreachable" error. The owncloud server that I use is not responsive either, and I cannot mount any of my shared to my linux machine.

The only way to login is by forcing a restart on NAS (unplug the power and plug it back in). For a few seconds after the restart I'm able to log-in and after a while everything freezes again. The CPU load is reported by the UI to be at 100% but the top command (via SSH) reports the CPU usage at around 5% to 15%. "Heaviest" processes are:  loop0, kworker, Python (not always in that order)

Also, the hard drive I've installed seems to be constantly working.

I have disabled the twonky media server and have only the owncloud and mysqlphpadmin packages installed.

Any ideas as to what the problem is? Any help would be much appreciated.



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    The NAS runs 3 webservers, httpd, pkg_httpd and DAV_httpd, using ports 80 and 443, 5000 and 5001, and 5002 and 5003. Httpd (Apache) runs the main webinterface. pkg_httpd runs the webinterface of the packages, and looking at the name I think DAV_httpd runs webdav.

    So when pkg_httpd is consuming CPU, I think OwnCloud is being accessed. Is it accessible from outside?
    Using 'netstat -tpn' you can see all current connections.

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  • Mijzelf
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    Top also shows you which python script is using most cycles. Which is that?
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    Python was reported as "heavy" by the UI not top (sorry for the misunderstanding). I read somewhere that in that case "python is the UI"...
    However, I noticed the following behavior: Yesterday I unplugged the ethernet cable from the router and the HDD stopped working. Now I just plugged it back in and it started again... top reports that the "/i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/pkg_httpd -f /etc/pkg_service_conf/httpd2.conf" (several instances of it) is also consuming resources...
  • ap0n
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    You are right. OwnCloud was the culprit. Once I disabled it, the nas came back to normal. I'll try to debug it when I'll have a bit more time but for now I'l have to live without it :(

    Thanks for your help!
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