email notification via nas326

Robertom Posts: 2  Freshman Member
edited February 2019 in Personal Cloud Storage
I can not set my email notification setting on my nas326.
The test on the configuration of the outgoing mail is successful.
However, after applying my email, it isn't stored.



  • Batou
    Batou Posts: 101  Ally Member
    Try this: to type fake information, then telnet to your nas and modify this two files /etc/msmtprc_recv, /etc/msmtprc, this both you can find from in /usr/sbin.
    I guess it can work.
  • Robertom
    Robertom Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    thank you so much.
    I found the files, but I don't understand where to store this information:

  • Batou
    Batou Posts: 101  Ally Member
    You can use any information to store and generate that file first, then modify the file by telnet.
    But if you mean the GUI information, that I guess this might be stored in GUI part., but actually, I couldn't find the file.
    Maybe someone know where the data stored?
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