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Hi everyone 

I have a Nas540 but i cant connect with a XenServer, I cant use iSCSI and NFS, 

With iSCSI i cant to authentication
With HFS the Disk is Inactive

Can you help me please.

I use the last version

Thanks a lot


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  • Ijnrsi
    Ijnrsi Posts: 254  Master Member
    why you can't authentication your iSCSI?
    NFS is inactive?
    how your to configure the NFS link on your device?
  • itslave
    itslave Posts: 3
    Has anyone successfully connected their NAS with ISCSI to a XenServer?  Running into issue with CHAP authentication.
  • Batou
    Batou Posts: 101  Ally Member
    Is there any error message when connected NAS with ISCSI to a XenServer?
    Can you share some screenshots about this problem?
  • itslave
    itslave Posts: 3
    CHAP authentication failed.
  • Mel
    Mel Posts: 83  Ally Member
    My NAS540 is working on Windows 10 (iSCSI), I suggest you can use it to replace XenServer. 
  • Mijzelf
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    <quote>CHAP authentication failed.</quote>

    If you search this forum for chap, you'll find a solution someone found. Sort of. When I understand it correctly, the trick is to switch off authentication completely.

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