Can not use the common used TCP/UDP port

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some common port ex: 21, 22, and 80. 
it is reserved by Multy. 
It is very inconvenient for some users. 

First, I know how to set the port forwarding. 
But if you setup a Web behind Multy. Which URL you prefer?

everyone will choose the second one. But if using Multy, only the first one. 

One more.  
some security connection on PC/Mac is rely on SSH, port 22.  ex: MacOS Remote Desktop 
Yes, it occupied by Multy.

Now, I only need to use no encrypted connection to my Mac PC. 

Please provide a option to release these common used port.



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    As far as I know, the system reserved port is designed for some system service.
    Multy App doesn't support to modify those reserved ports.

    However, you can set the Multy to bridge mode, and connect it to a router, and set a port forwarding role with those reserved port in the router.

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    System service could be run on the other port.  If need another router, why the user buy Multy?

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