Multi X - V2.20 - AiSheild deleted my profiles

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I've had the Multi X for some time now and am very happy with it.

However, I've just installed V2.20 firmware and noted AiSheild for the first time in the management app on my smartphone.  I installed the free trial licence and it configured itself.  During the configuration process I noticed the configured profiles flash up and then disappear.  When AiSheild restarted, none of the profiles are visible.  However, when I return to the Multy app, my profiles are not available (profile link is greyed out).

Have my profiles really gone or is this a 'feature' of the trial license?


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    Hi Sir,

    The parental control feature on Multy App will move to AiShield when the user signs the AiShield license, and the user will not be able to manage the end devices on Multy App.
    The profile in the parental control will still store in the Multy App, and you will need to create a new profile on AiShield.
    The Parental control on Multy App will activate after the AiShield license expired.
    As long as user sign up the license, the parental control on Multy App will close until AiShield expired, even the user uninstall AiShield.

    You can experience our new AiShield to offer extra protection of your home network including malware, phishing, hacks, network threats and parental control. You can also view analytic charts including 30-day history of threat and warning events on your network.
    You can find out more detail of AiShield via below link,

    If there still have any question, please feel free to ask.

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    Thank you for your reply Eric.  Much appreciated.

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