Error when setting up log emailing on NSA320

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I'm wanting to mail my logs daily.  I've setup my NAS540 and it works perfectly. I receive an email daily at 3:00PM.  When I configure my NSA320 with the exact same information I get the error "Send test email result: Error, String not found! Do you want to apply the settings?" Does anyone here have an idea? I know the NSA320 is "End of life".  I have the last firmware update installed. Aside from this, it is working perfectly in Raid 1 with two 8 terabyte drives. 


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  • lodiabai
    lodiabai Posts: 120  Ally Member
    Can you share the screenshots?
    Did you try to use another mail to test?
  • Sourface
    Sourface Posts: 0
    edited August 2019
    Here is a screenshot.  All the information on the NSA320 is the same as on the NAS520 which works. I tried to use the gmail smtp server but that failed on the NAS520 with a different error. So, I didn't try it on the NSA320.

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