NSA325v2 - PHP upgrade

Teessider66 Posts: 10  Freshman Member
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I want to upgrade PHP and mysql to use the mysqli libraries

Is this possible on the NSA325v2?  I can't find any packages to do this.


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  • Teessider66
    Teessider66 Posts: 10  Freshman Member
    Perhaps I've not explained myself well enough .... 

    I want to do some web page development using PHP, mySQL jQuery and all that jazz. I have an  NSA325v2 which can run a web server. I use it for some databases, but using PHPmaker. I want to develop my own web pages,but the 325v2 runs version 4 (?) PHP, an old version of myPHPAdmin ( and mySQL version 5.1.72.

    I want to run mariadb, php7 etc. I tried phpmyadmin version 4.9.1, but it demanded mysqli extensions that I can't find a package for.

    What are the limits of installing the newer versions of mySQL, PHP etc?
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