How to expand volume on NAS326

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I had 1TB + 2TB disk in 1TB Disk group (and 1TB volume on it) - RAID 1 - I suppose.
I changed 1TB disk for new 2TB disk.
Than I repair RAID 1.
After this I want to expand the Volume to 2TB.... but... only thing I was able to do, was to expand the Diskgroup 1 to the whole capacity (2TB).
Volume 1 remains 1TB, so I want to expand it to 2TB - but there is no enabled choice on Volume 1 to manage - so I cannot expand Volume 1 to use the whole Diskgroup capacity...
Please help, what to do next?



  • mlapak
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    Attached you can see my situation... 
    just choice Create=Vytvorit and Delete=Smazat BUT choice Manage=Upravit is disabled.. Why?
  • Wiasouda
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    You can go to Storage Manager > Internal StorageDisk Group to expand volume on Manage option.
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    I cannot do this because Manage option (=Sprava) is disabled..... What next?
  • Mel
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    Try to backup all data on NAS326 and re-create a new Disk Group for 2TB RAID 1.