NAS542 - Administrator Icon not available.

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Hello everyone,

I bought a NAS542 and as it is shown in the User-Manual there should be a Administrator Icon in the desktop view of the webinterface. But in my case there isn't an Icon called "Administrator".
Could anybody tell me how I can access the administrator view of the webinterface?

see screenshot, nr. 6 is missing:

My problem is, that I wan't to add the "main" share as a network drive, not every directory by it's own. Acutally I can only add "admin", "photos", "videos" as a single network drive, but I want to access to one network drive which includes all the single directories.
I think this settings only could be done in the administrator view of the webinterface?!


Thanks you for your help! If you need further information please let me know :)



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  • Batou
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    If you're used Windows O.S., maybe you can use CIFS to access root directory of NAS542 and created it as shortcut.

    Or used FTP/SFTP to access root directory of NAS542.

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  • Batou
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    It seems that Administrator icon has removed on the recent firmware version.
    But you can go to Control Panel to change the settings.

    About your problem, do you mean you want to NAS542 has one root folder and admin, music, photo and video folders all exist on that root folder?
    On NAS542, admin, music, photo and video are default folders, you cannot change it.

    If I misunderstood your problem, please explain more information. :)
  • Richi
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    Hi Batou,

    thanks for your response! Ok that could be the reason that the icon isn't available in the new firmware any more...

    I thought there would be some additional settings in the admin view, because on my older Zyxel-NSA325v2 I had the option to set the root folder (in my case called "Volume1") as a single network share, and this folder contains the same content as it is shown in the root folder.

    The directory structure on my old NSA325v2 looked like follows :

    • admin
    • music
    • photo
    • video
    • public
    • Volume1
    And the subfolders under Volume1 (Volume1/admin, Volume1/music, etc...) contained the same content as the admin, music, etc. folders in the root directory (/admin, /music, etc.).

    So I had the option to mount "Volume1" as a network drive, and in this drive, I had all the single directories.
    Hope it's understandable what I tried to explain. :D

    Maybe the reason is the different RAID option I used for each NAS... On my older NSA325v2 I had RAID1 and now I am using RAID5 on my NAS542.
    It would be very nice if there is a way to mount a single drive with the directoriesand contents out of root, because I already copied all my files in it. Otherwise I have to create a new folder f.e. "Volume1" like shown above, and copy all my files in this one, but that would be my second choice. :)

    Thank you so much for your help.