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Hi, my free trial period is now over, i only want to use parental control in the multy app, how do i do that?


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    Answer from Zyxel_Eric

    After the license expired, the frontpage of AiShield will have a renew button, please click it, and check the license of you AiShield actually expired.
    Then, back to the Multy App, the parental control button should be able to click. If the button cannot click, please refresh the app.
    If you have multiple Multy Sites, please click "Switch Site" on the Menu of Multy App, then click "Connect", it can help to refresh all Multy Sites.

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  • Hanamichi
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    Do you mean after AiShield free trial license expired, you still cannot use the parental control of Multy App? Do you try to reboot your Multy X and re-open Multy App to check?
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    I had to logout of the app and re- login for it to work thanks. 

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