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I would like to know if I can put an 8TB HDD in NSA320S. I read the specs but it says up to 12TB. Does that mean only 2x6TB or can I put in one 8TB and one 4TB hdd. Now I have one 3TB, which is already full and would like to replace it with an 8TB HDD if it's possible. I use my NAS as media server. 

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    12TB is a strange value, as it's not a power of 2. Problems with disk sizes often show up when the next power of 2 is reached. In that case another addressing bit is needed, which might or might not  be available.
    In modern times I'm aware of 2 limits: A limit of 2TiB for disks (where the number of sectors exceeds 2^32), and a limit of 16TiB for volumes (where the number of 4k clusters exceeds 2^32).
    The first one is clearly not a problem for your NAS. The second one probably is, and would cause problems if you try to put 2 >8TiB disks in raid0. Or if you use disks bigger than 16TiB.

    The 12TB is probably the consequence of being the biggest disk available at the time they were testing it for the 320s. Or 6TB was the biggest disk available, and so they guaranteed a volume size of 12TB.

    I think 2 8TB disks will work fine, as long as you don't assemble them to a single volume.

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    I think the maximum size is 3TB, so you can put 2x3TB.