Country code conflict Apple IMac

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I got a problem with my IMac due to the country code . AAfter the latest software update from Apple I GOT a severe problem with the default code CZ which would not work ant more. Conflict with my NO code.
How do I change the country code om the Multy X to NO from the default?



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    Default Country code is CH
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    Hi @Terje,
    Multy X doesn't support Country Code settings.
    However, the country code of Multy X is CH by default, and it is due to the frequency channel and the power output of wifi is all the same in countries of EU.

    1. Is it possible to provide the screenshots of your iMAC, and is there any error message on the wireless page of the iMAC?
    2. What is the macOS version of your iMAC?
    3. Does this issue only happen after the macOS upgrade?
    4. Please describe more detail about the wifi issue on your iMAC, what kind of server problems?

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