Problem installing 2nd unit of Multy X AC3000

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I just bought a two-pack of Multy X AC3000s. Installing the first unit downstairs was a breeze with the Bluetooth app and I was able to get Internet access with devices using it.

For the second unit upstairs, I can't get past the Bluetooth connection step. Starting the unit, waiting for the blue led blink and trying to connect with the app it takes multiple minutes and concludes with Retry and reset options. I tried the factory reset but no changes in behaviour.

Is the 2nd unit damaged or is there something I'm missing? 

The two units are both connected by Ethernet running on a Zyxel GS1900 switch, which in turn is connected to my cable modem providing Internet access.


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    Hi @mmakirah,
    With your topology, you will have to set two different Sites in your Multy App instead of one.

    According to your description, you want to try the Ethernet backhaul on those two Multy, however, you should connect them as below topology.
    The Multy 2  should connect to the Multy1, but not the Modem.
    Please Note, install the Multy2 wirelessly first, and then plug the cable to the wan port of Multy2.

    Please let me know if you need any assistant.

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  • mmakirah
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    Thanks Eric, I set up the other Multy as a new site. Works like a charm now. Thanks for your help!

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