LTE3316 How to disable AP isolation

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I can't access Chromecast  or wifi printers. It seems that in LTE3316 is AP isolation enabled by default but there is no option to disable it. Is there any way to fix this?


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  • Hikari
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    Hi Sir
    Do you mean your  Chromecast or wifi printers can work, the function itself has no problem but you cannot access them via your laptop/mobile phone? May I know your LTE3316 FW version?
  • Laker
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    Thank You Hikari for your response. Yes, that is my problem. For example Chromecast setup goes ok but i can't access it after setup. Both worked fine with my previous ASUS router (after disabling AP isolation).  

    My FW is V1.00(ABMP.3)b2.
  • lsergel
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    good afternoon
    I confirm. on firmware V1.00 (ABMP.3) b2 - there is isolation between devices connected via wifi.
      Is there a solution to this problem?

  • Basil
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    I've got the same problem with my LTE3316. Wifi devices on the same subnet unable to communicate. E.g. I want to share my Nokia 7.2 mobile screen with LG smart tv but unable to connect via mobile/LG TV Plus app to LGwebOSTV.
    I did also upgade firmware to V1.00 (ABMP.3) b2 but it didn't help.

    Thank you
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    I have the same problem too. Do anyone have solution to this issue?
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    My firmware version is 
  • lsergel
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    managed to remove port isolation - disabled this
  • lsergel
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    Another question, what is the latest firmware for this router? thank))
  • How can I get the latest stable firmware version with the ability to disable Wifi client isolation? without this option, it is almost impossible to use a router in the office. currently installed version V1.00 (ABMP.2) C0.

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