Multy X WiFi connections drop dead

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I have two Multy X nodes. My computers and especially Android devices can suddenly lose connection, stating "no internet" even though the wifi connection seems OK. Only switching the wifi off and on again on the devices restores the connection.

This usually happens also during the night, everything's fine in the evening and in the morning my phone is connectionless. My bedroom is closer to the root node, the second one is at the other end of the house.

When connection is dead I can't access the main router or any devices connected to it, so it's not related to internet connectivity. The router has uninterrupted Internet connection and its own wifi works perfectly.

Any ideas?



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    Good to hear, that someone else is experiencing the same problems - see my post here:

    Well unfortunately this are'nt good news, but maybe Zyxel support will look into this deeper. 

    Did you also upgrade your firmware? As I mentioned, this problems only occured after the latest firmware ugprade. 

    I tested a little bit with different settings and found out that this problem only occurs with the 5G connection.

    So a workaround for you could be this solution:
    - Define a sperarate SSID for 2.4G and 5G connection (you can change this in your app - wlan settings)
    - disconnect your phone from an existing 5G network (please also remove the network, so that the phone won't reconnect to the 5G network with the persisted password automatically)
    - connect your phone to the 2.4G network
    - Give it a try - the 2.4G connection should be stable so that no connection drops occur

    As I mentioned this problem only occurs on the 5G network. I was in contact with the zyxel support and mailed them the log files, made a video with my phone, transmitted my network topology but unfortunately they were not able to solve the problem. 

    With the help of the log files they found out that the phone tries to connect between the two Multy back and forth and maybe that's why the connection drops occur. But it's a mysterium why this only happens on the 5G network. 

    I hope that Zyxel support will release a new firmware with the fix for this very annoying bug in the near future. Otherwise I will have to buy another mesh system! 
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    +1 Same here. 

    Just updated my firmware and now have no wifi at all.

    Tried removing all wifi networks from all devices and connecting to 2.4Ghz only. No difference. 

    Any more news on this topic?
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    Hello @r3tu,

    what is the LED status of the Multys when this happens?

    @Freddyg : Did you try a reset of the units? What is the LED status in case of the error?

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