Can't connect NAS542 to myZeXELcloud

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Today I have just installed my NAS542. I downloaded NAS Starter Utility, connect with the device and now I am backing up.
However, there is some problem with adding the device in myZeXELcloud.
First, in Search results is not appearing anything. When I try to add it manually, typing the correct MAC and Serial, it says just "Not found".
The device is connected to the internet, Ping through Network Diagnosis is successful. 
What might be the problem? It is possible pairing through the Starter Utility, and not through the website ( to cause this inability to find the device?


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  • Danail
    Danail Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    The problem was resolved today with the Customer service help.
    Anyway I will post what was the problem (probably), for another customers:
    I had to change the DNS settings to Public DNS, so in the router and NAS device I set up DNS 1: and DNS 2: Now it works!
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    on French fai it is no longer possible to change the DNS servers because there have been too many hackers who changed the dns server in the router to put theirs and attack the clients

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